Cherish Your Sweet Self

One of my dearest guides happens to be my own Higher Self.  A profound part of the ayahuasca experience for me was a “meeting” with this Higher Self. Overwhelmed and engulfed by her beauty and divinity, I remember clearly the moment of panic that followed, the beginning of the dissolution of the ego-self.  I asked,  “If you are me, then who am I?”

I’ve learned so much since then, especially how to embrace my Higher Self, my own inherent beauty and divinity, and to deeply, truly love all aspects of myself.   Try this exercise in giving yourself a “cosmic hug”.   It’s also a great workout for your visualization muscles.

Sit (or lay down, if you wish) in whatever meditative pose is most comfortable to you and relax.  Close your eyes, and let your surroundings fade away.  Breathe deeply.  Begin to create a new setting around you.  I often find that visualizing a natural setting works best for me, usually a vast expanse of gently rolling plains to start, but you may desire to meet your Higher Self in a cityscape.  Relax and create whatever setting your heart feels drawn to.

Now, visualize your Higher Self.  What does he/she look like?  Let yourself picture as gloriously detailed of an image as your mind will project, let your Self come to life before you.  Sit with your Self for as long as you like.  Listen for guidance, receive love.  Finally, embrace your Self.  Give your Self a deep, long hug….really enjoy this moment.  Cherish this moment. Say to your Self, “I love you.”

Repeat this exercise often.  Sometimes, though we are often great at giving love, we may not be so open to receiving love.  Showering yourself with constant love and affection is a powerful way to open up to receiving the abundant flow of love the Universe has to offer.



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