There was a moment in Peru this past summer when I was walking back from the village to my tambo and, as it often does in the rainforest, it began to pour.  The path, already muddy from previous rainshowers, became even slosshier, so much so that even in hiking boots, it was difficult to walk.  Soaked and chilly, I began to feel tinges of annoyance and frustration when the message became clear:  “Noella.  Slow down.”

From that moment of clarity came deep joy, and every slosshy step onward was careful, mindful, and appreciated.  I came to a new set of multiple bootpritns when two paths crossed, and soon noticed that one traveler had eventually ditched his shoes and began walking barefoot.  I began to laugh as I stood still in that simple, rainy moment with  those simple, muddy bare-footprints, marveling at the beauty of it all.

I didn’t brave the jungle mud with my bare feet that day, but we all did eventually, and it was wonderful…grounding.  My bare feet eventually wandered to the hot beach sands of Trinidad and Tobago, grounding me there for the rest of the summer.  A few mornings ago, up before sunrise as is the norm these days, I headed to the park at the Williams Waterwall in Houston for a barefoot walk and a few yoga poses.  As expected, such a different energy in the city than in the jungle or on the beach, but still so connected to and in love with Gaia.

It has been my joy to continue learning this lesson of grounding these past two weeks I’ve been home, not just with barefoot walks, but with deeply grounding foods.  After eating mostly raw foods since March, with four months being completely raw, I received clear guidance that it was an important time to feed and nurture my lower chakras while still incorporating raw foods and live juices into my diet. (I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to experience a lovingly written guide to The Chakra System.)

Grounding my emotions an as well as my physical body has proved valuable as well.  Though I’m itching to fly off again, and will hopefully soon begin to plan both The Great Canadian Adventure and The Great Bali Adventure, I’m perfectly where I’m supposed to be at this time.

I’m loved here, I love here.  I’m blessed here, I’m a blessing here.

It’s good to be back home.


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