La Energía

Before I was completely aware of the deep changes happening in and around me this year as my body and spirit began to respond to this incredible influx of Aquarian energy, I went to see a healer this past spring.  She asked how I was feeling, and I seriously replied, “This feels like I’m nesting…like I’m about to give birth.”

What I didn’t tell her, because this frightened me at the time, was that in addition to the nesting impulses, I would flash into periods where I thought I was dying.  As the surrender to love intensified and all fear began to abate, I realized that I was in an energetic cocoon of sorts, the chrysalis being the perfect metaphor for both death and rebirth.  Indeed, after that realization, it seemed that I was constantly led to images and quotes about the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly–synchronicity at its finest.

The message of the chrysalis  has recently reappeared, this time with a gentle knowing that it is time to emerge and fly.  My body is so light these days that I feel like I almost can.  I found an image recently and was delighted to realize that it perfectly resonates with what has been going on with me and la energía body/mind/spirit wise:


These images can represent my progression through this year.  There is the entering into the flow as shown in the first meditative pose. The second pose mirrors my encounter with Madre Aya in Peru, as well as the opening of the heart chakra.  As the summer continued, my entire body began to flow with the energy–the influx of light and love was overpowering and amazing!  I will never forget the moment when I was sitting on our balcony in Port-of-Spain and felt every meridian and chakra open up during a meditation.  I truly felt the OM in that moment, the hum of everything. This was the third pose.

The fourth pose is where I’m at today.  The flow has been at its strongest level, at least for me and the ways I consciously continue to work with it, for about two weeks now. It continues to expand and become stronger as denser energies in my body/mind/spirit are cleared more and more rapidly.  Indeed, there continues to be deep healing on all levels, and physically, although at times my body definitely needs to be still and rest, I am experiencing the best health of this lifetime.

After a summer of intense migraines and strong vibrations in both hemispheres of the brain, my pineal gland has begun to open as I begin to reconnect with my true multidimensional nature. Even as I sit here writing this, I am at a loss to find the words in this language to describe the third eye visions, the colors of the auras that surround all life in my view, as well as the deep and grounded peace that comes with the return to Self, to Source, to my true nature of Love.

What I had always suspected, I am beginning to remember.  Be joyful, friends, because I am certain that what I am experiencing, every single soul on this planet is experiencing on some level.  As it increases internally for us all, through the end of this auspicious year and for many years to follow, we will see some beautiful external changes begin to manifest.

The word apocalypse literally means:  “The lifting of a veil.”  This year isn’t about cataclysm or catastrophe, and it is certainly not The End.  It is, indeed, a beautiful new beginning for us all, a chance to co-create a New Earth.  I am excited to be a part of this, and will continue to update on any beautiful energetic changes with me as they continue.

Namaste, lovely souls! 


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