The Healing Circle


There exists a beautiful flow of healing energy in the universe that is always available to all. To access it, simply set an intention to enter the flow when you are in either a relaxed or meditative state–for me, this type of exchange usually works best as I’m laying down to bed, as the body does a wonderful job of regenerating while we sleep.  I set my intention to give as well as receive love and healing, and instantly, I am immersed in the flow, surrounded by warmth, light and love, having recognized and honored my connection to others who are also giving and receiving these energies everywhere in the universe.  It truly is like connecting to a beautiful Healing Circle.

Remember to set your intention to give as well as to receive!  No matter how zapped you are, there is no “loss” of energy in giving love and healing…in fact, this only amplifies the effects of the healing you receive, as does sending the energy of gratitude and appreciation. 🙂


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