Wow.  I am immersed in La Energía, and it’s only getting stronger as we approach the equinox this weekend. 🙂

I had really hoped to tackle this blog, this lovely new project full-force right away, with daily posts and more, but the universe always knows exactly when to tell me to slow down.  The Aquarian flow has been so incredible this past week!  I’m still continuing to experience major healing on a physical and emotional level, as well as incredible clarity and peace of mind.  The flip side to being sensitive to these intense energies means that yes, this body does need lots of love, rest and barefoot walks. 🙂  Friends are experiencing similar intense shifts on all levels, and I’m so blessed to be able to have helped a few of them with clearings and healings.  This part of it all is fresh, exciting, and effortless–healing others and teaching them how to heal themselves.

If you’ve been feeling lately like you’re surfing some intense energy waves, take the time to slow it all down for a bit.  Rest, drink lots of water, treat yourself gently and kindly. Be still and meditate. Relax.  Even if these energies effect you in ways that seem to be negative, i.e. mood swings or physical aches or soreness, trust that this is all a clearing of the old to make way for the grand, gorgeous and new.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, take some time to get outside and be in nature.  After feeling a bit like I’d been tossed around in the waves yesterday, a friend and I decided to go to the park on a whim, take our shoes off, and play.  We entered into Gaia’s dance with every tree, every bird, every ray of sunshine, every blade of grass.  I went from feeling energetically zapped to blissful, ecstatic and euphoric…it was amazing!  Do this often and repeat. 🙂

Remember: Honor yourself.  Honor others.  Embrace the loving Universe in gratitude and joy and keep on ridin’ the wave.  🙂

Namaste, friends!


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