As I observe the dissolution of the false self within and without,  I continue to be amazed by the simplicity of the process.  Again, that word: surrender.

I danced through dreamtime in a state of gratitude and bliss last night and will continue to hold this light throughout the day.  Fearful emotions come and go as I continue to surf through these wild energies, but I have shifted to a state of allowance, observance, and tremendous presence, where the undercurrent of all is joy, centered and still in the Heart.

Something New is happening this week.  It is in the air, I can feel it coming, and I am excited to meet it.

May your week, as well, be blessed and light.



2 thoughts on “Dissolution

  1. This comment is not as inspired as your post, but all my geologist girlfriends would be gaga over that ammonoid-shaped hairdo. Love it!


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