Acceptance, Love, Presence


These three words have been such an integral part of my experience lately–radical acceptance of every situation, unconditional love for all life, and intense presence in this Now moment.

The result of stepping up my practice a notch in this way recently has been a dramatic and exponential increase in Light-heartedness, as well as the ability to be Grace under fire like I never dreamed possible.

Again, there has been rapid transformation in a very short time as every aspect of my mind/body/spirit opens up to the peace and holiness of Now.  I have let go of the burden of psychological time, and I honor and embrace the present moment.

“True salvation is a state of freedom–from fear, from suffering, from a perceived state of lack and insufficiency and therefore from all wanting, needing, grasping and clinging. It is freedom from compulsive thinking, from negativity and above all, from past and future as a psychological need…you see time as the means to salvation, wheras in truth it is the greatest obstacle to salvation. You think that you can’t get there from where and who you are at this moment because you are not yet complete or good enough, but the truth is that here and now is the only point from which you can get there. You “get” there by realizing you are there already. You find God the moment you realize you don’t need to seek God.” — Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now


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