This is Solstice Energy

Solstice Energy

Today we celebrate a new beginning.  Today, we walk through a portal, a beautiful doorway to peace.

These past few weeks have been a time of truly letting go, an emergence into a place of trust and forgiveness like I had never previously allowed. Personally, I am experiencing upheaval and renewal simultaneously….periods of intense contraction combined with glorious expansion.  There have been moments, especially yesterday, that were so spontaneous and ecstatic and that I felt like I could literally take off and fly.   There are abilities that have been awakened, in only the past few days, that I am in awe of, especially when I realize that  this is still only the beginning.

Today I am grateful for the people that have sustained my spiritual journey.  The sweet, beautiful man who loved me when I could not even fathom loving myself.  It was a love that broke me open and made me whole.  My Georgia firecracker, who is such an example of strength of spirit and character, and who taught me to recognize my own glorious feminine divinity.  The incredible Polish woman who taught me to care about what I ate.  My brothers and sisters from Tierra Vida, Peru.  My parents, who have loved me fiercely and  unconditionally through and through. My daughter Grace, who is my greatest teacher.  There have been so many others, and I love you all.

Today presents us all with an opportunity for tremendous and healing and growth.  Let us welcome it with open arms. Let us enter in with loving hearts and joyous spirits.


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