Stillness During Expansion

stillness during expansion 3

(Empowering, this realization: I am the creator of my experience.  Every fine detail of my life has been carefully selected by me for pleasure and growth along my journey.  There are no accidents here, and nothing is wasted.  All is of value.)

I am awake, as always, with the sunrise.  Today the energy is very, very high, and opportunities for expansion abound.  I spent much of this past week in ceremony, either solo or with dear friends.  Here’s an interesting tidbit I picked up from the Native American shaman who led a water blessing ceremony I attended: “Allow yourself time to be still during these times of tremendous expansion for Gaia and for all.  For ten days before and after the solstice, make no plans.  Just be present.”

These words had such a reverberation for me.  The last few months of this year I’ve had the pleasure of making some big, lovely, ambitious plans, and I’m beginning to see my vision come to life in so many beautiful and often unexpected ways.  There’s no wrong in creating this way, but it is nice to be reminded to slow it down and return to a place of stillness and full presence, especially since everything is in tremendous flux at the moment.

For now, I’ve set all plans aside, and am embracing a spirit of celebratory rest and holiday cheer.  I am happy and grateful to be surrounded by family, friends, love and plenty this Christmas season.  May you and yours be blessed and merry as well 🙂


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