All Things Work Together

rain love

I awoke in the early hours of the morning to the sound of pouring rain, enveloped in a warmth and love so gentle, so familiar, so sweet.  There was a feeling of brilliant light flowing into me and out of me, a knowing of eternal connection to all that is.  Overjoyed, I let myself rest in this love, falling in and out of sleep and dreamtime until the sunrise.

Prior to last night, the energies I’ve experienced recently had felt a bit “heavy”, until it dawned on me yesterday that an influx of light is never “heavy”.  Rather, these energies enable us to release and transform denser patterns of consciousness, thus the “heavy” feelings that surface sometimes during these times of change.

Indeed, I have allowed enough space this week to clearly see some long held destructive patterns, release them, and embrace instead creativity.  It has again been an intense time of healing, so intense that I know the gifts of letting go and clearing further space will be sweeter than I can imagine.

Lately, I’ve had the feeling that some changes are imminent for me.  Though I cannot become attached to whatever form they may take, I am surrendered….open to receive all things beautiful and new.

Many Blessings and Love to you,



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