So I Light You Now

stillness during expansion

This past Sunday I was at my favorite tea house attempting to study, but I just couldn’t settle.  I was fidgety, couldn’t concentrate, and even made several trips to my car to breathe, meditate for a few moments and try to relax.  Even tried and true grounding exercises did little to help.

Finally, I decided to lay down in the backseat and simply let go, to not struggle with the situation anymore and just let the energy of whatever was happening flow over me.  As I lay there, my entire body buzzing and vibrating intensely, I could feel the entire earth shift within me.  Moments later, I began to feel very, very pregnant.

Having been literally “very, very pregnant” at one point, I can say that this energetic moment, laying in the back of that car, was different. I deeply connected with my animal nature more than I ever had before.  I was still, present, surrendered.  I understood that I was birthing vision, a new me….and as we all are, a New Earth.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning with the same vibrations, the same “pregnant and about to deliver” feeling.  Again, I trusted the instinct to surrender to my animal nature, and then the most beautiful thing happened.  I felt an incredible warmth, and a voice spoke to me:

“Just as I light them in the still moments, when they are surrendered, when they are in pain, when they go into the woods to give birth or to die, so I light you now.”


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