I’d like to share my dream from last night with you:

I was standing in the water of Lake Yarinacocha, in the tiny village on Neva Luz, Peru where I journeyed with Madre Ayahuasca last summer.  Peru, and perhaps a return trip to the Amazon, has been on my mind frequently these days.

I recalled a story I’d heard while visiting, about how increasing levels of pollution in this beautiful place make it harder and harder for local fishermen to catch enough to feed their families, much less others.

In the dream, light began to flow out of me as I stood waist-high in the lake, orange and blue-white, crackling like lightning into the water.  I knew then that this light went everywhere, out of the lake, into the Amazon River, into the oceans of Gaia…merging and playing and dancing with water everywhere along its evolutionary path.  Eventually, I became water, the rush of it and the stillness of it.

Looking back on this dream as I write these words, what appeared to be a dream about healing the earth’s waters also becomes a profound realization of water teaching me to see it’s true and innate perfection, to shift my vision for a moment, to come up higher.

More and more I’m realizing the importance of flexibility on this journey–the ability to surf, to shift, to bend when necessary and to constantly come up higher.  To see it as a spiral instead of a straight or even curved line.  To let go of absolute truths, or there being a “right” way to do anything.  To work simultaneously from levels where healing is necessary and levels of perfection.

These recent tumultuous times have taught me to embrace all of what is.  I’ve been in acceptance mode this week, shifting into gratitude mode.  I’ve been slow, easy, kind and gentle with myself.  Though a part of me would like to say that the waters will be eternally calm from now on, I have a feeling that calm waters in these changing times aren’t what any of us signed up for.  But this I know:  in the stillness of a quiet rainfall and amidst the rocky waves, my center remains bright.  Strong and eternally sturdy.


3 thoughts on “Spiral

  1. I think you are right when you said, ” have a feeling that calm waters in these changing times aren’t what any of us signed up for.” I get the feeling I am a spiritual warrior, my battle cry “Heal the world!” I sometimes feel myself lost in a current and being swept away in something bigger than me. I love it, but it sometimes frightens me. I am learning to be more centered and confident and self-loving in order be a better “surfer” I want very badly to experience what Mother Ayahuasca can offer me, but I can’t seem to imagine how I can get to South America any time soon. For now I will just enjoy your words and let them soothe and encourage me 🙂


  2. If you set a strong intention to go to South America, it will happen. Maybe not exactly when or how you expect, but the energies we’re in now support rapid manifestation in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s incredible.

    I love your battle cry 🙂 It’s a noble one. And it’s perfectly ok to be lost and terrified in the current. I feel the same way sometimes, but there’s such a center of sweetness to this whole experience of transformation and evolution….makes it all worth it.


    • I have often thought of just printing out pictures of places I feel I need to visit and allowing myself to day dream about what I will do there, but it sometimes feels like a “waste of time” or like I’m being selfish…I know it’s silly and I also know you’re right about setting intentions, but I am so good at finding barriers! I’ll work on it! Having positive, people in my life is a huge key to manifesting my true desires. I’m happy I have found this wonderful blog!


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