Yesterday I attended a retreat on Love & Self Love.  Such a powerful day, and so many blockages pushed through.  In sacred space and surrounded by incredible women,  I was able to share bits and pieces of myself and my current experience that I’d hidden away.  Amazing how we fear judgement in revealing ourselves, yet at the same time, long to be seen, to be known. What a release to finally allow myself to trust, to honor myself in sharing my truth.

I expected the same rush of creative energy and growth to follow today, but this morning I awoke with a peculiar stillness about me.  A wariness and a strange neutrality to it all.  After some time spent trying to re-create the energies of yesterday, I realized that I was once again struggling against the unpredictable currents of transformation:  movement and breakthroughs one day, stillness and introspection the next.  Again, this message:  “Allow, allow, allow…whatever comes, allow it and let go of the struggle.”

I’m merging with the waves of transformation now, and very much feeling the energy of the chrysalis, of being broken down and built up, minute by minute.  All to-do’s put aside, I’m curled up on the couch with my favorite playlist collecting inspiration: gorgeous images of metamorphosis.  Below are a few of my favorites, and you can see them all here.


image source:


(image source unknown)


Metamorphosis by Mark Olich


image source:

“In metamorphosis, small cells called imaginal discs begin to appear in the body of the caterpillar.  Since they’re not recognized by the caterpillar’s immune system, they are immediately wiped out.  But as they grow in number and begin to link up, they ultimately overwhelm the caterpillar’s immune system.  It’s body then goes into meltdown, and the imaginal discs build the butterfly from the spent materials of the caterpillar.  This process is a natural articulation of what is possible when we let go of what no longer serves us and once and for all embrace our emerging potential.”

Cheryl L. Dorsey

(From the Foreword to Create A World That Works, Tools For Personal & Global Transformation by Alan Seale)


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