The Sweetness of Creation

Amazon River, Peru
Amazon River, Peru

One year ago I left Houston and headed to Peru, into the arms the jungle and Madre Ayahuasca, into the unknown.

I’m often asked about the gifts of my Ayahuasca experience.  There have been many, and though I’ve told and re-told the stories of the actual trip, I sometimes struggle to find the words to accurately share the depth and beauty of what has opened since.  Then, the answers are provided in the most simple of moments, like this evening in my kitchen:

After handling spinach covered in spices while cooking dinner, I was struck to stillness by the residue left on my hand.  Clusters of cayenne pepper exploded into nebulae, crystals of salt and black pepper swirled into stars, and the tiny bit of green spinach leaf on my thumb became a mysterious green planet, nurturing and inviting.  I laughed, and then the energy of the experience hit me with all its fullness, and I was there, dancing with the stars, swirling with the nebulae.  “This exists somewhere,” I whispered, the pattern on my hand suddenly so familiar.  In an instant of awe and devotion, all time became no time and I felt the sweetness of Creation unfolding.

There was brief and irrational moment of sadness after washing my spice stars away, and then the gentle reminder came:

“Nothing is ever really lost.”


Radiance is pure energy. It is the radiant energy of the Presence of Pure Creation. It is the pure state of your Soul. It is the brilliant rays, which emanate in the highest frequencies of your consciousness.–Unknown


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