Kelley Rosano: Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

From Kelley Rosano:

“The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on May 24- 25 is one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2013. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse is the third of three eclipses in a row. This eclipse also involves a SuperMoon, when the Moon is as close as it ever gets to the Earth, and it’s in a straight alignment with the Sun and Earth. The SuperMoon makes this Lunar Eclipse extra potent and important.

The Moon controls the oceans and tides. Our bodies are more than sixty percent water. You will feel this powerful Lunar Eclipse in your physical body and in the Earth below your feet. This Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse can feel like a soothing, healing balm on your aching wounds. The Cosmic Mother Nurses her children back to full health and vitality. The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the past. You, too, can recreate yourself and make a fresh start. You can experience a Brilliant Breakthrough. That is this Full Moon’s message.”

Read more of her Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse forecast here.


3 thoughts on “Kelley Rosano: Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

  1. Thank you for the additional information. I don’t usually pay attention to the Moon phases. I only became interested recently. I do not believe this is a coincidence.


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