A Balance of Heaven and Earth

Mother Earth by Tes One
Mother Earth by Tes One

It’s been over two months since I’ve written here. I didn’t intend to take such a lengthy break, but these things happen.  As I  try to come up with the words to describe or explain the emotional rollercoaster that this hot (hot!) summer has been, I‘m feeling the thickness, the sweetness, the heaviness of those emotions in and around my chest…in my throat…and like rivulets of colored light, running up and down my back.

I fell in love.  I’ve driven almost every day, in Houston’s sometimes 100+ degree heat, with absolutely NO A/C in my car. (Humbling.)  I’ve watched, with delight, a new business flourish.  For the first time since I was a child, I’m fully present, fully living in my body.

I’m experiencing cosmic, heavenly energetic expansion and levels of spiritual devotion I’ve never touched before…and I’m more comfortable saying the word “fuck” than I’ve ever been.

That last part brings me to the beauty of opening to heaven on earth, of meeting God at eye level.  The beauty of accepting the divine in what is, in the dance that is playing out before us in each moment.  It’s letting go of waiting to ascend to a higher plane, and ascending to meet all that is happening now.

Colors are brighter.  Relationships are authentic, honest and real.  Laughter is sweeter and richer.  Sorrow, grief and pain are indescribable in intensity, and glorious in release.

Life. In HD.


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