Ecstacy Is An Alchemical Force


“Shakti is the fluid container of Divine Feminine consciousness, a primal blend of earth and fire, water being her preferred medium of transduction( travel) into body/mind consciousness. Shakti is the original “She”, the Divine Feminine, the mistress of the mystery, the primordial birther and sustainer of all life. When we open to her rising current she dissolves and cleanses the emotional body, unveiling our inner radiance, switching on our DNA into ecstatic resonance with creation. She longs to merge with the Divine Masculine, Shiva, the sun, divine consciousness, the source of creation. When they meet in balance, their unity, births the holy spirit and ignites a spark of divine ecstasy in every cell of our bodies. Ecstasy is an alchemical force, a re-birther an awakener, ecstasy is who we truly are. Felt and seen as love at our core. ”

– Leyolah Antara

(shared via this page)


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