Had a powerful vision this morning of Gaia birthing shamans and healers, priestesses and priests of the New Earth.  The energy of the past three weeks, culminating at yesterday’s equinox, has been the strongest and most powerful vortex I’ve experienced since I noticed the exponential increase in vibration near the beginning of 2012.

Today, I’m feeling raw and bruised, and simultaneously euphoric.  Fear and stagnation burning up into cosmic bliss.  Riding the waves of evolution, becoming the ocean.

Initiation at its peak.  An Apocalypse of Light.

Caterpillar into Butterfly.


4 thoughts on “Apocalypse

  1. It’s interesting to me how much I can relate to your vision. I feel that my calling is to be a spiritual healer. I have been taking the first physical steps towards pursuing that calling and have felt wonderful since I started…but recently I found a step that brings back uncertainty, doubt and fear. I also realize I may be pregnant. How can I ground myself through all of these emotions and energies??


    • Thanks for your comment, Kaycie, and for sharing your calling and your gifts 🙂 There are many methods I use to ground during this weather, the most meaningful being the practice of Authentic Relating and Intersubjective Meditation. Send me an e-mail with your location, and I’ll see if I can put you in touch with people in your area who do this work. Root Chakra meditations/inner work are a must, as is consciously affirming that you are supported by Mother Earth. Also, working with petrified wood is excellent for grounding, as is any time spent barefoot in nature.


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