A Puzzle


Yesterday, I had a client describe the feelings of disorientation around an image of scattered puzzle pieces.  It was the unsettling feeling of things being broken apart which couldn’t be put back together.  We took it as a metaphor for his current situation, and I gently suggested that, maybe the pieces didn’t want to come back together in the same way they’d been before, or, maybe the puzzle wanted to break apart further, and become something new entirely.

This morning, after a night of strong dreams, (the most prominent one was being carried away by a raging flood), I awoke with the image of his puzzle pieces, and realized how much it applies to my own present experience.

I’m wondering, where am I resisting the natural flow?  What is it in me that needs to be fully broken apart before it can be reborn?

Breathing into these questions today.  Breathing gently, and holding myself with care and compassion.



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