Cool, foggy, gray, gorgeous morning.  Austin, TX

I was moved upon waking to light candles for love and abundance, burn some sandalwood incense, and offer some of my sacred items for blessing.

My life has felt very much in limbo for the past few months. I moved from one city to another and am in the process of rebuilding the small healing arts practice I’d nourished in Houston from scratch. I’ve also dealt with physical illness and held space for the inevitable emotional releases, outbursts, soreness and crankiness that can accompany such a process.

I have learned to move with the slowness of winter, even when it feels sluggish, understanding that this slowness, this time for reflection, is a crucial part of my natural cycle. In an earlier post, I called last winter a “daily spiritual dying”, and this one has been much of the same, though admirably, with much less resistance from a wiser me.

I’m proud of myself. I’ve been through so much rapid change and growth over the last two years that continues, and sometimes feels frustrating and never-ending, and the brilliant fruit of all this upheaval was learning how to love, nurture and cherish myself deeply.

Whatever the status of your heart is this morning, I offer love and nourishment to you as well.





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