Another year down, another cycle complete.

Last year was a birth, an initiation into uncovering “me” whilst casting away anyone else’s interpretations of what that meant. I feel *solid*, and at times, overwhelmed with gratitude. Most importantly, I’m allowing myself to feel and celebrate my most vulnerable truth:

*All I truly want in this lifetime is to love deeply, and be loved in return*


7 Resolutions for the new year:

1. Make more time to play, just because. Laugh, dance, and be silly. Relax my shoulders and my chest, and breathe in life like I haven’t before.

2. Continue the romance with my emerging soul. Care for her, nurture her, and keep showing her unfailing mercy, compassion and affection.

3. Do more yoga. Of all my practices, this one nourishes me the most, yet it’s the one I take the lengthiest breaks from. Putting it on the calendar this year.

4. Create more. Write more, blog more. Tap into the words that want to come forth and show them the way into the world.

5. Roam throughout the rugged & wild lands around me: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah & Arizona. Explore the mystery, and receive the sweet and generous gifts of nature.

6. Do something I haven’t done before! Last year, it was a djembe class, this year, it might be learning how to snowboard. 🏂

7. Let go of the old stories that hold me back from greatness, the ones that start with “I don’t deserve” or “this will never work”. Be open to the shower of blessings coming my way.


Here we go.






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