Naturist Weekend

Here are a few shots from last weekend’s impromptu trip to Ridgway & Orvis Hot Springs, only a gorgeous 2-hour drive away from Durango. My first time soaking without a suit (Orvis is clothing optional) something I thought would never (ever!) happen in this lifetime…and, of course, it turned out to be the easiest and most liberating thing ever 🙂

My absolute favorite moment was layingin one of the flower-filled gardens, arms outstretched, when suddenly it began to rain.  Just a little drizzle, but it felt like each precious drop of water was washing away a heavy weight, drawing me closer to a sense of freedom I hadn’t thought possible.

Also, I stayed at the quirkiest little hotel, the Adobe Inn. A few basic rooms w/shared baths adjacent to a Mexican restaurant, with incredible views and decent dinner options. Woke up during the night and stared out my window at the stars, in complete awe that though life feels so open and expansive right now, this experience is still a tiny ripple in a vast and infinite pond. 🙏

(disclaimer:  Top photo is not mine, but an official Orvis photo, as it’s a “no cameras allowed” kind of place)


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