From Texas to Colorado

Nine months ago, the day of September’s infamous Blood Moon eclipse, I moved to from Austin to Durango.  I applied for a job and heard back almost immediately. Three interviews and a few weeks later, I sold all my furniture, sublet my apartment, and made my way through Texas and New Mexico to southwestern Colorado.  I’m a single woman in my mid-thirties, and hands down, this was one of the biggest leaps I’ve ever taken.

With another full moon on the rise, I’m pausing to reflect. I knew that this move wouldn’t fix every little problem in my life, no matter how much a change of scenery was desperately needed. What I did know was that everything that pointed me here lined up in a miraculous, perfectly-timed way, including my cranky old SUV unexpectedly dying during the interview process…like the universe knew that I’d need something newer for the long drive ahead 🙂

I didn’t realize how much I’d end up missing: the familiarity of Austin. Shopping at Target & having a good selection of vegan/vegetarian restaurants.  Being able to drive a few short hours to my parents’ house.

There is, however, a wonderful amount of beauty and energetic quiet to appreciate in Durango vs. a bigger city. My jaw still drops every morning, driving through the windy mountain roads to get to work. This community is filled with amazing, friendly folks who have gone out of their way to help me feel settled and at home. And, when I get antsy at the 2 cars waiting at a light in front of me at 5 PM, I realize how much I do NOT miss rush hour traffic 🙂

I made it through  my first Colorado winter, (honestly, it felt mild compared to the “freezing tundra of doom” I was expecting,) witnessed the slow birth of spring, and am now immersed in the sweetness of summer in the mountains–roses, peonies and wildflowers blooming…lush green leaves…the Animas River swollen with snowmelt…a glorious abundance of sunshine.

A friend told me once, “You should give yourself a full ‘season’ [a year] to make up your mind about a place.”  I already know that I feel a strange, deep, and interesting pull to this land.  Only time will tell how long I stay.  Until then, I’ll keep putting down roots here, the best ways I know how.



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