Stumbled Upon: Hag Stones

f5a5c691856bbc31e577325ba693bb26 (1).jpg

Fun story: Several months ago, I decided to try a manifestation exercise–basically, pick an object you’d like to manifest, keep it in mind, and let the universe do its work. Technically, you’re not supposed to “look” for the object, but I couldn’t help but look for mine on every walk or hike afterward. My object was an adder stone, or “hag” stone, a rare rock worn by water so that it has a hole or holes through it. Legend has it that these stones possess fascinating magical powers 🙂

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, after seemingly no luck with manifesting said hag stone: Randomly, at a house I visit at least a few times a week, in the backyard, I discover that the owner has an entire bin full of these rare stones…TONS of them! I asked her if I could pick one out and she happily obliged. Goes to show that what you’re seeking can sometimes be right under your nose…in abundance, at that!

(…and now, universe, where’s that amazing, conscious man I’ve been trying to manifest for the past 5 years or so?? 🙂 )


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