Image by Delphine Devos

I had a dream last night, in which I held a young child in my arms.  He looked up at me, and his tiny face crumbled as he said, “You’re so beautiful that it hurts me.”  I was confused for a moment, then he said it again, and all I could do was pull him closer and hold him tighter.

I’ve read that small children (or, even small animals) in dreams symbolize not only our innocent inner child, but parts of the psyche that are craving to be acknowledged, nurtured and comforted.  I’ve recently experienced a significant blossoming in my life, a beautiful growth spurt unlike anything in many years. I’m curious now, and exploring:  does my inner child feel threatened by these changes, or somehow afraid of this new, radiant emergence? It seems a reminder to pause, to gather these emotions, and to hold myself as tightly and with as much care and tenderness as I held that sweet child in my dream.

(And, the morning after yet another heartbreaking terrorist attack, I am also reminded of my unshakable faith in the goodness, innocence and inherent beauty of humanity, despite the chaos and uncertainty surrounding us, and despite the few (not the many) whose intentions are to terrorize, destroy and disrupt. My hope is that somehow, we will pull through this intense and shaky time. Together.)


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