Open Heart, Moving On

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How I adore this quote. Simple and to the point.

I’ve learned recently, more than ever, how to value the people who show up in my life.  Consistently: in person, or those sweet long-distance friendships which can be picked up at any given moment, months after we’ve last spoken. Or, old friends I haven’t shared a conversation with in years, but know, at a moment’s notice, they’d be there if I picked up the phone.

What I’m moving away from, gratefully, is holding on to stress, anxiety, anger or feelings of self doubt around those who consistently do not show up. It’s also a teaching moment, in learning to gracefully respect the opinions and wishes of others. I have a certain level of discernment about the people I invite into my life, and I often decline, whether subtly or overtly, advances for intimate relationships or friendships I have no interest in pursuing. So, on the flip-side, is it really working for me to stay upset with another if I’m the one who is not invited, or welcomed, or loved? The answer, I’m finding, is “no.”

What’s lovely is that despite some upset, thinking this through today has helped me see better those places and hearts where I am welcomed, invited and loved–all things full and beautiful in my current relationships. This is what I want to focus on. I’m also reminded of my own self-worth and awesomeness, and that chasing after anyone, for any reason, is never where I belong.

Staying soft, and ever-open.


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