Full Moon Goddess Circle

I met with an intimate circle of women last night to celebrate the Pisces Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and the approaching Fall Equinox. Still feeling lit up this morning, and I’m reminded of how critical it is for me to cultivate deeper relationships with the women in my life, especially those who walk the same sweet, witchy, goddess-kissed path.  When I’m not in regular relationships with women who share similar interests, I feel like a part of my soul remains unseen and unheard…like it starts to wilt and withdraw.

We spoke our intentions fearlessly and from our hearts, drew cards and runes, shared belly laughs, feasted on prasadam, and felt waves of love and support washing over us throughout the evening, blessed the Great Mystery. A friend offered us the use of his adorable second-hand bookstore (no charge!) as a meeting place, and it was utterly quirky and magical. Felt like we stepped right out of our little mountain town for the evening, and into a whole different world.  Truly a “Room of Requirement” for what we needed last night, and for the circles we’ll continue to create with each full and new moon going forward.

#fullmoon #eclipse #equinox #thismagicallife


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