The Discarded Selfie Project

A friend of mine shared an interesting and vulnerable post recently, describing in detail the inner judgement that came with seeing a photo of herself she found undesirable…and then fearlessly posting that picture anyway.

Her post inspired me to go through my phone and pick out a few of what I call my “discarded’ selfies to share here on the blog. Like my friend, I was quickly reminded of why these hadn’t previously seen the light of day: “weird eyes”…”weird teeth”…”weird smile”…”too much emotion in this one”… “face looks puffy”…etc. Then, I looked at them again. And again.

Soon enough, one by one, I embraced the quirks and the absolute normalcy of these pictures. I saw myself in them, emerging from behind a slew of self-criticism. Soulful, shiny, unsure, goofy, imperfect and beautiful.


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