What’s In My Bag: Costa Rica


I couldn’t be more excited for my trip to Costa Rica in a few days, my first solo vacation since a trip to the Peruvian Andes in 2015. I’m headed to Nosara and La Fortuna during their green season, but I’m not bothered by the fact that it may rain every day–this was literally the only time I could get away for a bit, plus, I’ve heard from a few locals that it’s the absolute best time of year to visit–less crowds, amazing hotel deals (I’m paying half of what I’d pay for lodging if my trip were just a few weeks later) and a lush, gorgeous landscape.

I’ve also heard that the rain can be predictable–usually a few hours every day in the afternoon, with lots of morning sunshine for early risers like myself, even during the rainiest months of September/October.

Here’s a peek at what’s in my carry-on suitcase, for a 10 day trip:

  1. Shoes: 3 Pairs of sandals: one for the beach/shorter hikes, a casual pair for walking, and a dressier pair in case I end up having a hot dinner date. (Fingers crossed.) Not in the bag: 1 pair Merrell waterproof hiking shoes, which I’ll be wearing to travel.
  2. Pants: 3 pairs: My favorite lounge-y gray harem pants, lightweight khakis, and a basic pair of white cotton pants.
  3. Shorts: 2 pairs: 1 pair denim walking/hiking shorts and 1 pair athletic shorts
  4. Yoga gear: 1 pair capris and a couple tops. Nosara is famous for yoga, and I’ll be taking daily classes here during the first half of my trip.
  5. Dresses: 1 loose, leaf-green cotton dress (perfect for lounging in the evenings), 1 comfy gray trapeze dress (can go from super casual to dressed up with a minor change in accessories) and 1 breezy/casual little black dress
  6. Tops: a couple tanks, 1 nicer white shirt and a couple tees
  7. Bikinis: 3.  I’m planning on being in a swimsuit every day, so will likely always need a dry one on hand!
  8. PJs: 2 pairs
  9. 1 book. Usually, I overdo it with books, which can add unnecessary weight to an otherwise light bag. So I’m taking the advice of a friend (“What’s the one book that’s really lighting you up right now?”) and I’ve packed The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche–sure to be a delicious read.
  10. Other: socks, undies, small bag of travel size toiletries, a few pieces of casual, costume jewelry, 1 Sarong,  1 packable water-resistant backpack, and 1 lightweight rain jacket
  11. Not pictured:  I purchased this amazing cross-body bag for the trip and the quality is superb for the price. It will hold my IPad, phone, headphones, passport, keys, and wallet.

Stay tuned for more posts from this trip, coming soon!


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