Pura Vida

Arenal National Park, La Fortuna, Costa Rica. At the base of the volcano.

I returned from my trip a few days ago and I’m still on a Costa Rica rhythm, even though the sun sets and rises differently in Durango. Going to bed early in the evening (before 8) and rising around 5 am.

Coming home was both joyous (there is a special place in my heart for these Colorado mountains) and, at the same time, really (really) hard. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night reaching out, forgetting where I am, and feeling for the rainforest around me…the birds, the trees..the constant insect hum. Though I’ve lived in and traveled to some incredibly beautiful places, never has one imprinted itself on my soul such as my time last week in Nosara and La Fortuna.

Something happened to me on this trip, which I can best describe as a subtle yet profound shift into a more embodied experience. I remember the exact moment it happened, standing in the hot springs at Tabacon, looking out into the beauty of the mountains and jungle…when, in an instant, I was different. The water felt different, like there was a thickness and sweetness to it that wasn’t there before. My senses were sharper. I could, and still can, feel a rushing song of joy in my body, spirit and bones that I wasn’t previously aware of…a vast and vibrant intelligence that I recognized as my own.

I’m laughing and crying a ton. I’ve hit the pause button on most of my (non-work) obligations, just to take some time to be with all of this, and to listen. I also have a sense that *absolutely everything* has changed somehow, and that the rest of my life is now steadily rearranging itself around this change, in ways more miraculous than I can fathom.


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