Shakti Woman

(artist unknown)

I love synchronicity. I love opening a well-loved book to a random page and finding a passage that not only perfectly describes my recent years, but like a beacon in a somewhat shadowy time, also clearly illuminates a path forward. And after a few huge and heavy recent wake up calls, I’m so ready to do exactly that…take the illuminated path forward:

“The work for a contemporary female shaman is to stop behaving in conditioned, habitual, unhealthy ways and begin to act from within. But as she eliminates the cultural factors that have distorted and programmed her reality, a woman is confronted with the open feeling of more space.

This shift from density to lightness can be very frightening, and can actually seem “ungrounding.” A woman can begin to feel “out of her body” or “floaty” and insubstantial. She may begin to fear for her mind, clamping down on herself in an effort to control things, which creates added tension and pain in the body.

The need here is for work that is grounding, to help this woman embody the energies that are awakening in her being, and also for a shift in attitude that makes it all right to feel these new feelings….it is not necessary to maintain one’s sense of normal when transforming.”

(from Shakti Woman, by Vicki Noble)


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