A Soothing Concoction

A few minutes ago, I thought, “I  need a Xanax.”

I’m in the middle of making some big, HUGE plans (more to come soon!) and it’s been a tad stressful and terrifying. (And, also, more than a little glorious. 😉 )

I ended my love affair with Xanax years ago, thus, no pills to be found. To this day, I’ll still say that those little blue tabs were incredibly effective at stopping anxiety in its tracks, but the price I paid was addiction and a loss of joy and vitality. A loss of soul.

It’s interesting, how the body works. Shortly after the Xanax craving, I semi-mindlessly got up, grabbed a tube of Narayan Gel (aka, the most amazing thing EVER) and boiled some water. I squeezed half a lemon into a cup, added a few dashes of ginger and turmeric, a few droppers of Angelica, and a little honey. I realized a couple things during this process:

  1. Pain triggers anxiety. Especially on top of making the BIG decisions I described earlier. My chest and shoulder were sore and firey, and the gel was meant for that…but now, several blissful minutes later, I’m much more calm than before.
  2.  I didn’t really think too much about the ingredients I was putting into the cup, but together, they treat both anxiety and inflammation.

Amazing, how the body works. And how it knows what it needs.



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