Offering for those in the Durango Area.  Hope to see your beautiful faces there!  Class starts January 21, please email to sign up or RSVP via facebook:

Sacred Art Journaling Flyer


This space is an opportunity for us to CONNECT: with like-minded souls and the divine within. I started my first sacred art journal on a rainy weekend, pulling together bits of what I had learned from art journaling in photography classes and infusing it with prayers, mantras, glue, cutouts and feathers. The end result was a messy living room and a full, happy heart–echoed on the pages of my journal. It was a meditation and a release, an outpouring of devotion and creativity.

Twice a month for the next 3 months, we’ll sit together and do the same, beginning with a quiet meditation and ending with a closing circle. We’ll begin our journey in winter, and end just after the spring equinox, observing and celebrating our creativity as it plays in the cycle of death and rebirth.

Please bring your own supplies:
A journal (any size, lined or unlined as to your preference), scissors, glue (I use both a glue stick and tacky glue)
and anything else your heart desires: old magazines for collaging, feathers, stick on jewels or old jewelry, markers/pastels/colored pencils, and any other bits and pieces/art supplies you may find useful.
(*Due to the nature of the space and limited amount of clean up time, do not bring paint or glitter. If you choose, feel free to supplement your journals with these methods at home.*)

We will enjoy sacred music (medicine songs from all traditions) and drink soothing herbal tea while we craft, both things that stimulate the sacral (or 2nd) Chakra and open us to our creative flow. Occasionally, a light vegan or vegetarian snack may be provided.

There is no charge for this class, only a suggested $5-$10 donation to help cover the cost of room rental and tea. (This is not required, and no one will be turned away.)

Location: Surya Health and Wellness
Dates: (All Thursdays): January 21, February 4th, February 18th, March 3rd, March 17th, March 31.
Time: 6-8 PM

*LIMITED* amount of spots available. To sign up, please contact Noella M.,”


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