About Noella

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“The lines between the mystical and the everyday are being obliterated, all around us, until we can see that they are one and the same.”

Earth-Woman-Star is a piece of my journey, a piece of my heart, fueled by an unfailing desire to bring my unique light to a world-in-transition. Here, I’ll share glimpses into my life, and articles on a few of my favorite things: human potential, the Tarot, capsule wardrobes, home decor, nature-based spirituality, personal development, and authenticity.

Also, if you’re in Durango, CO or Houston/Austin, TX, stay tuned for local offerings!

I’m glad you’re here.



Noella M. is a hedge witch, writer and yogini. She lives, works and plays in the mountains of Southwestern Colorado, and studied writing and photography before diving headfirst into the chaos, ecstasy, and liberation of spiritual initiation. Her passions include open-hearted living, shamanism, yoga, the Tarot, plant medicines, and exploring the wilds–in this realm and the next. 

Major influences include: A Course in Miracles, the work of Julia Cameron, writings by Vicki Noble & Sally Kempton, The Radiance Sutras, modern witchcraft, and the teachings of the Earth Mother–the natural world.



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